About Us


Our Vision

There plenty of entertainment companies in the industry, but Bad Wolf Entertainment decided to take a different approach. We are an artist support platform that empowers the artist to find work in the entertainment industry.


We believe that the artist needs to have every opportunity to succeed and we are here to help. Bad Wolf Entertainment provides artist management, PRO (Performance Rights Organization) registration, distribution to major outlets, label contract negotiation, booking services, merchandise, artist development, event support, and marketing, official artist page/site.

Bad Wolf Entertainment works with the labels and booking management to grow the artist's fanbase, reach and recognition. This support allows the artist to focus on delivering the best content for the audience as well as engage with the fans.

Our Story

Bad Wolf Entertainment was created with the love and passion for music and the talent that it comes with. It started as a dream, but now it's a reality and we are ready to take you on this new journey!

Started by dedicated and talented entrepreneurs and musicians that wanted to give the artist a helping hand, Bad Wolf Entertainment continues to grow and the artists along with it.

Meet the Team

Here are people that are the backbone of Tchaikovsky - Bad Wolf Entertainment.

Daniel Nave

Co-Owner/Artist Manager

Also known as, "Mr. Bad Wolf".

Tchaikovsky - Bad Wolf Entertainment

Keeley Tchaikovsky

Co-Owner/CFO/Entertainment Director/PLUR Ambassador/Artist Manager

Tchaikovsky - Bad Wolf Entertainment

Will Gatliff

Talent Consultant

Also known as, "OmegaMode".


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