Kill Rex

Kill Rex
Kill Rex

Kill Rex

Kill Rex Kill Rex

Label: SMOG Records, 193 Records, Uplink Audio, BroTown Records

Artist Management: Bad Wolf Entertainment


High, I'm Kill Rex! Wanna Play?

Kill Rex is the new brainchild of Aric North (formely one half of the duo Prostecutioner)

He has been billed with artists such as Getter, Mantis, Megalodon, Trollphace, JPhelpz, Bar9, Point Blank, Disonata, Algoreythm, Invictous, Haunta, Mord Fustang, Lazy Rich, 12th Planet, S3rl, Tantrum Desire, Bare Noize, RUN DMT, Terravita, J Rabbit, Gramatik, Krewella, Logun, HULK, Notixx, Nadastrom, Sazon Booya, Styles & Complete, NastyNasty, EPROM, and many others.




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