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Wasted Presents: Death Comes in 3’s

Wasted Presents: Death Comes in 3's
Death Comes in 3's

Wasted Presents: Death Comes in 3's

Wasted Presents: Death Comes in 3's
18 & over to enter
Halloween Costumes Required
For info/bottle service contact: (562) 279-5675


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Lord Swan3x supports OmegaMode!

Lord Swan3x
Lord Swan3x

Label: Crowsnest Audio, 193 Records

About Lord Swan3x

Emerging from deep within the jungles of Richfield, Ohio is Tyler Swan aka Lord Swan3x. Swan is known for his overly aggressive bass music productions, and for delivering high-energy basslines via DJ set. Co-owner alongside Code: Pandorum of the newly formed heavy bass music label “Crowsnest Audio”, Swan is here to spread the good word of heavy music across the globe.

Our Story

In the video below Lord Swan3x plays "Heaven Fall" by OmegaMode at a 193 Records concert in Montreal, CA during one of his tour dates in Feb 2017. The dance floor is packed with bass music lovers, which surely raged.

Video Credit: Escape Reallity


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