New release “Come With The Chune” by STRIX x BOARCROK ft Boogie T!

Come with the Chune

OUT NOW on Croatoan!!!​

"Come With The Chune" by STRIX x BOARCROK ft Boogie T.! This track is gaining popularity before it's release on Monday April 17 2017.

 Since it's release,  "Come With The Chune has had 9,393 plays in just 10 days!

This new release has gain the support of EDM headliner, Snails.

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The Arsenal is here!!!


The Scoop

The long awaited return of OmegaMode has come, are you ready?

OmegaMode has received a signal from "the Destroyer" that the bass music scene has lost it's touch. OmegaMode loaded his ship with his newly crafted and highly advance alien-tech weapons into his ship to prepare for battle.

Traveling across the stars from galaxy to galaxy taking out the threat with his "Arsenal".


Balance will be restored to the universe once more...


EDM Identity Artist Spotlight

"OmegaMode has dominated the bass music scene in Seattle as of late, and the skills he has behind the decks and in the studio definitely prove he is primed for lift off. Based on an otherworldly, alien-like sound, OmegaMode is constantly evolving into that futuristic vibe that will blast you off to outer space. Whether you hear it in the extensive experience in music production and engineering or played out in his sets, this artist is one to keep your ears on in the bass music scene in 2017. Coming to you from the Pacific Northwest, the world is already tuning into his spacey sound. If his music isn't enough, then support from the likes of Borgore, Getter, and more should really tip the scales and have you turning up the bass."

-Grant Gilmore
Editor-In-Chief at EDM Identity

New Artist Alert: Ironhide joins Bad Wolf Entertainment!



His Story

Created by a species far advanced to our own, in a dimension inaccessible to us, a greater being was born. A sentient life-form forged from the very essence of vibration, the true nature of the universe. Such a beast of unbounding will, could only be done justice by being sealed within an alloy avatar of a creature befitting of its true nature – the rhinoceros.

With Ironhide's heavy sound, it's defiantly the heavy metal of a new era. Behold the heavy dubstep that's beyond dimensional access.

Tour coming soon...

Bad Wolf Entertainment welcomes Ironhide to it's growing roster!

Check out Ironhide's artist page for more information on tour dates.


Artist Profile

Visit the artist page for more of the story about Ironhide.